H&L Pay: How-To Quick Guide

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H&L Pay: How-To Quick Guide

Finalising a standard sale to using card payment

  • Ring up items as per normal.
  • Finalise sale using Fast EFTPOS tender key OR Tender Types > EFTPOS.
    • Partial payments can be achieved by entering partial amount in the EFTPOS field.

Paying a table using card payment

  • Select Payment screen from Tables View screen on Exceed POS.
  • Enter amount to be paid off the table bill and select OK.

Performing a refund

  • Ring up a refund sale as per normal and finalise the sale using the Fast EFTPOS tender key OR Tender Types > EFTPOS option.
  • Enter the amount (as a negative) and select OK.

Cancelling an in-progress sale

  • Initiate a payment as per normal procedures above.
  • Click the Cancel (X) button on the payment terminal.

Printing an EFTPOS receipt

  1. Select the Print Receipt button on Exceed POS, choose the desired transaction, select the OK button. This will print a standard tax receipt and EFTPOS receipt in one receipt docket.
  2. From the payment terminal, enter 8 > Confirm > History > Select Payment > Shopper Receipt > Print.


  • When initiating a card payment from Exceed POS, enter the amount to be provided as cashout.
  • Ensure the customer inserts the card (tap is not supported for cashout).
  • Ensure the customer selects Savings and enters a pin

Card not present or MOTO payments

 Card not present or MOTO payments are supported are non-integrated, meaning that they must be performed manually on the payment terminal and then separately entered the Exceed POS depending on operational requirements. Speak to a H&L representative about our requirements for more information on how to enter manual payments.

 Only standalone (non-integrated) payment terminals can be used to process a MOTO payment.

  • From the payment terminal, Select Transactions > New transaction.
  • Enter your Transactions passcode, and select Continue
  • Select Moto payment.
  • Enter an amount and confirm.
  • Follow the instructions on the display to enter the shopper's card number and CVC code. The terminal may also ask you to enter the shopper's postal code and house number.

 For other standalone features see: https://docs.adyen.com/point-of-sale/standalone/standalone-use/

Printing a totals report and resetting totals (settlement)

  • To print a report showing totals for the payment terminal with card totals breakdown, Select 8 > Confirm > Totals > Print.
  • To reset the totals for the next shift (i.e. settle the payment terminal totals), Select 8 > Confirm > Totals > Reset (icon).

Using the ValPay Reports Portal

 You should have been provided with a user account to access your merchant account reports. Contact your H&L representative if you need access to the reporting portal.

  • Navigate to https://reporting.valpay.com/ from any web browser.
  • From the left hand navigation menu there are 3 main menu options:
    • Transactions: for viewing individual payment transactions processed through your merchant account. Transactions can be filtered using the quick filter panel on the left or the Add Filter button in the toolbar.
    • Deposits: for deposits into your bank account including all transactions for each deposit.
    • Statements: for details on all merchant deposits made to your bank account over the period.

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